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Patient Reviews

Morledge Medical® is proud to be a part of our patient’s Healthcare. We truly appreciate their feedback.

  • Bryan P./Yelp
    Morledge is a high integrity legend who I've successfully recommended to several friends in Manhattan.
    Bryan P./Yelp
  • Melanie P./healthgrades
    Always professional and compassionate. Dr. Morledge is one of the best!
    Melanie P./healthgrades
  • Anon/Yelp
    I love Dr. Morledge. Not only has he been amazing and easy to work with, but he helped a good friend of mine identify and treat thyroid cancer in its early stages. He saved her life! True story.
  • Peyman M./Yelp
    As a pharmacist, I am paying most close attention to bedside manner, professionalism, and scientific knowledge base. I am glad to say that Dr. Morledge clearly gets full score on every level.
    Peyman M./Yelp
  • Nicole L./Yelp
    Great travel doctors. I was taking a very long, multi-country trip and the doctors were very practical and knowledgeable about hooking me up with all the shots and medicines I would need and helping me avoid the unnecessary ones.
    Nicole L./Yelp
  • Tina/healthgrades
    Now here is a team that is beyond caring for their patients. Dr. M is a no-nonsense doctor and I like his calm mannerism. Great follow up too.
  • Regan P./Office Visit
    I have seen Dr. Morledge for travel vaccines before a trip to Africa and a run of the mill cold, and I have only had very positive experiences. The office is run in an efficient manner and the receptionists are always polite.
    Regan P./Office Visit
  • Lewise L./Facebook
    Dr. Morledge has been our family doctor for many years and I highly recommend him. An added bonus, he is about the nicest man you can imagine, treating his patients with care and compassion.  I give him a 10 out of 10!
    Lewise L./Facebook
  • Tricia V./Office Visit
    From the moment you walk into the Morledge Medical office, you immediately feel at ease. The pleasant and efficient staff greets you with a smile in the inviting waiting room and escorted into an immaculate exam room.  Thank you Morledge Medical!
    Tricia V./Office Visit