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Travel Medicine

Stay Healthy Everywhere You Go

When you travel, staying healthy is a top priority. No matter where you’re going, Morledge Medical® can provide you with the most up-to-date medical information available for your itinerary. The Pre-Travel Consultation Visit and Questionnaire is the first step to thoroughly and carefully preparing our patients for travel abroad.  

Why do I need a travel medicine consultation?

Whether you’re visiting the sunny beaches of Barbados, trekking through the Himalayas, or going on safari in Kenya, there are potential health risks to consider. A travel medicine specialist can determine any risks and how to avoid them in your travels.

During your consultation, Dr. Morledge will

  • review your health history, itinerary & completed pre-travel consultation questionnaire in order to assess your risk of exposure to infection.
  • provide a comprehensive pre-travel consultation based on your specific medical condition and planned destinations.
  • provide you with up-to-date information about the health conditions at your destination and pre-travel advice and recommendations.

Am I properly immunized?

Our bodies develop resistance to disease by being exposed to them in small, manageable amounts. Traveling to a new country can put the body through new stresses that can weaken the immune system. Vaccination is a necessary step for staying healthy when you travel to many new countries. Our team knows what vaccinations are needed for travel to various countries and has access to your required immunizations.

Plan Ahead

The key to a healthy trip or visit is proper planning, education, and immunizations. Morledge Medical® recommends the following:

  • Be informed about the latest U.S. State Department travel advisories for your destination
  • Seek pre-travel immunizations and medical advice to learn if your personal medical conditions can be aggravated by international travel
  • Take appropriate precautions against accidental injury and for personal safety
  • Devise a contingency plan for emergency medical care during travel
  • Know the procedures and documentation needed by your insurance provider for any medical treatment you might require abroad.

Assisting Travelers To New York

Morledge Medical® also responds to many of New York City’s international visitors in need of consultation, treatment or referral to New York’s preeminent medical specialists while visiting the United States.