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Travel Health Websites

The key to safe, healthy travel is preparation. From a pre-travel consultation at Morledge Medical® to packing properly – our practice is ready to help you stay healthy during your journey*
The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. An online source of health information where you can learn about travel advisories for international destinations.
The U.S. State Department provides the latest travel warnings as well as country-specific information. You can also receive trip-specific health and safety updates and notify the U.S. State Department of your itinerary.
Overseas Security Advisory Council offers a country-specific search with detailed safety and security information and alerts.
The International Association for Medical Assistance to Travelers website offers country-specific information and general information on travel medicine topics.

Access the latest health news based on research from the National Institutes of Health, the nation’s medical research agency.

The world’s leading travel insurance company protects travelers from more than 1,000 locations in 90 countries.


*These are some of the many websites available providing travel information. Browse through their suggestions for issues you might wish to discuss with Dr. Morledge during your pre-travel consultation.